Brake Problems Your Vehicle Will Likely Encounter

Posted on: 21 April 2021

Issues with the brakes of your vehicle can leave you unable to effectively control the vehicle. This can represent a major safety risk until you take the vehicle to a brake repair provider to have them addressed.

Brakes That Feel Soft Or Even Squishy

If your brakes feel soft or squishy when you press on the pedal, this could indicate that there is a problem with the brake fluid that is in the brake system. When there is too little brake fluid in these lines, it can severely impair the functionality of the brakes. The level of brake fluid in your system is designed to be stable, and if you notice that the level of brake fluid has decreased, it may mean that a leak has formed in the system, which will have to be repaired. Otherwise, the brake fluid levels can get low enough to cause major damage to the brake system or to cause the brakes to fail.

A Noticeable Increase In Stopping Or Slowing Distances

If you find that the distance that is needed for the brakes to slow or stop the vehicle, this could indicate any number of problems with the system, but worn brake pads or damaged calipers are a common source of this problem. Unfortunately, this problem is an issue that is likely to have a larger impact when you are driving the car in the rain or other inhospitable times. Paying close attention to the amount of pressure that you need to apply to normally slow and stop the vehicle can be useful for when you are needing to determine whether the vehicle is starting to experience this type of brake performance issue. Once you realize that the brakes are needing longer to slow the vehicle, schedule immediate repairs may be the most prudent course of action.

Brake Pads That Are At The End Of Their Lifespan

The brakes will sustain enough wear that the brake pads and rotors will eventually have to be replaced. When you have your brake pads replaced, it can be useful to write down the number of miles that they are rated to withstand so that you can track when the time to replace them starts to approach. If you do not have this information about your vehicle's brake pads, you can take the vehicle to a brake repair service to have them inspected. This will give you an idea as to how much longer the brakes will remain effective before they need to be replaced.