When Should Your Repair Your Brakes?

Posted on: 24 August 2020

The brakes on your car aren't going to outlast your car. Likely, they are going to need to be replaced several times throughout the lifetime of your vehicle. If you aren't replacing your brakes often enough, you could damage your car. Then, you most likely are going to have to replace your rotors and other parts of your vehicle as well. You're also going to have an issue with stopping your car, which can be very dangerous for you and for others out on the road. If you aren't sure when you should repair your brakes, read on for a few signs to watch for.

1. Difficulty Stopping

You have probably noticed that it's more difficult to stop your vehicle the faster you're driving. If you are going at a high rate of speed, it will take more time for you to stop on a normal basis, but if your brakes are bad, it can take even longer. If you aren't ready for this, it can end badly. This is especially true if you are trying to make a sudden stop. If you notice that you're not slowing or stopping as quickly as in the past, get your brakes checked and changed if needed to keep you, your family and others around you safe.

2. Odd Noises

If your brakes are wet, they may squeal, which is normal. If your brakes are squealing all of the time, even when the pavement or your car isn't wet, it may be a brake issue. If your brakes are making any other odd noises, or you can feel something as you apply the brake, such as a grinding or skipping in the brakes, it's time to have them checked and changed. If you hear and feel a grinding noise, you may also need to have your rotors changed as well.

3. Inability To Stop

If you are unable to stop your car at all, you need to take your car in immediately to be repaired. You may have extremely worn out brakes, and your rotors are most likely worn out too much as well. If you cannot stop at all, your car is unsafe and a danger to everyone else on the road. Have your car towed to a car repair shop to have the brakes replaced.

If you aren't sure when you should repair your brakes, use the information above to help you. If you aren't sure if your brakes are the issue, take your car in for an inspection and have them replaced if needed.